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Framework: KRAFT KRAMATI'S ROBOT AUTOMATION FRAMEWORK FOR TESTING (KRAFT) is a test automation tool aimed at simplifying end to end test automation and reporting.
It’s a keyword driven framework built on Robot Framework and its capabilities can be easily extended using python. As its built-on python, it makes it platform independent.

  • 1. Supports Mobile, web, RESTful API, 5G (Core & RAN), IMS, VoLTE, 3PCC Hardware IP phone automation etc.

  • 2. Wireshark PCAP and 3rd Party Network Probe analysis

  • 3. Web browsing Automation

  • 4. Automation results aggregation and reporting with intuitive graphics.

  • 5. Customize Reports

  • 6. Can be integrated with CI/CD tools like Jenkins, JIRA etc.
  • 1. Can be integrate with other 3rd Party tools easily

  • 2. Operating system and application independent

  • 3. Uses Keyword-Driven testing framework

  • 4. Comprehensive Results